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We presently have 3 websites with a quite specific focus but a very diverse audience:
1. (CLM) has a large, fast growing and well analyzed audience. CLM is focused on introducing sincere quality Chinese ladies with sincere quality Western men for the purpose of long term relationships or marriage. The broad audience is roughly 50% adult Western males and 50% adult Chinese females. The Western males reside in China (20%), USA/Canada (40%), Europe (15%), UK/Ireland (10%), Aus/NZ (10%) and Other (5%).  We can deliver ads specifically to English speaking Western men or to Chinese speaking Women of China, although a much higher percentage of our Chinese women can read English than the national average.
2. (ALM) is a sister site to CLM and is growing quickly but is too new for statistical analysis. ALM has a similar focus to CLM but aimed at Asian women and Western men. ALM ads will be included in any purchase of CLM ads for the same locations and on the basis of 10,000 free displays on ALM for every 100,000 purchased on CLM.
3. (CCeMag) is aimed at educating the members of CLM, ALM and future sister sites about Chinese & Asian women, culture, history and travel plus online dating. It is also too new for statistical analysis. While the blogs and Forum are running currently, CCeMag as a whole will be available in early October. To advertise on the Blogs & Forum contact us.

 Ad Sizes


1. For our first Run of Site Advertising (RofS) choice we have 2 standard ad sizes which are very common to all major websites. You will receive pageviews of both sizes of ads. We will assist in production of these ads but prefer your own professionally created ads be supplied. These ads can be purchased in pageview groupings of 100,000 per month of which roughly 75 to 80% of viewings will be in the 300 x 250 size and roughly 20 to 25% will be in the 250 x 250 size. 

2. Our second RofS option requires the purchase of all viewings for a particular geographical location (see rate sheet below for details) for a 1 month period. These ads include the prime location on the most popular Profile pages, a prefered location on the browse and search pages, and a variety of locations on the various text rich pages. The ads run in 3 different sizes of which each will account for roughly 33% of viewings.


3 sizes of ads make up the Triple Placement Package



Our rate sheet is as follows, but we're prepared to negotiate based on added volume and on the quality of the ads and the advertiser. We are especially seeking a great Travel Partner that has experise on planning, organizing and executing high quality group and individual tours in China and Asia. We are prepared to make special arrangements with such a partner. Contact


Contact us at with any questions or proposals for advertising.


Contact us at with any questions or proposals about advertising.